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Firebloc II & Explorer Firebloc

FIREBLOC II™ Fire Retardant Leather

Firebloc II builds on the success of previous fire retardant treatments, using advanced polymer chemistry to penetrate deeper into the fibre structure to deliver more effective resistance and to inhibit the spread of fire for longer.

This revolutionary treatment not only improves the fire retardant qualities of the leather, it does so without any impact on the characteristics of the original leather.


Firebloc II can also be combined with complementary Pittards technologies such as CIG camouflage leathers or enhanced grip textures and can be used on thinner leathers (performs to EN 407 6.3 down to 0.65mm)

Additional benefits of Firebloc II are water, oil and stain resistance, making it versatile across a range of end uses.


  • EN 407.63 (from 0.65mm substance)
  • ASTM D64213 (FM5903)
  • FAR JAR CS 25.853 Appx F Part (i) 60 seconds
  • FAR JAR CS 25.853 Appx F Part (ii) 12 seconds

EXPLORER FIREBLOC™ Fire Retardant Leather

Pittards Explorer Firebloc™ leather has been engineered specifically for the management of heat and fire resistance where the highest level of performance is required for the rail sector.


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